Office Closure Statement

Dear Tristate Vein Centers valued patient,

It is with concurrent sorrow and excitement that we at Tristate Vein Centers, announce the closure of our two offices as of September 1st 2019 and new affiliation with Vein Clinics of America.  Drs. Anjari and Foruhari, as part of the Tristate Vein Centers, have been providing care to patients in the area with venous and lymphatic disease since January 2006.  During this time, we have passionately tried to provide all of our patients with the highest quality care for their venous disease ranging from the cosmetic to the severe cases. Both Physicians have maintained their certifications with the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and attended the national and international conferences to keep abreast with the newest available treatment options for venous disorders.

After much thought and consideration and in an effort to continue providing world-class care to our patients, Drs. Anjari and Foruhari made the exciting decision to join Vein Clinics of America!  As part of a national vein clinic organization, we will have access to the best technology, patient-centric treatment guidelines and support for our patients.

Both Dr. Anjari and Dr. Foruhari will see patients at Vein Clinics of America, located at 8044 Montgomery Rd #525, Cincinnati, OH 45236.  The phone number to the Vein Clinics of America office in Cincinnati is: (844) 423-8346.  Your doctors will be happy to continue your care at their new location but please be advised that you will need to schedule a new consultation since it is considered a new practice. If you wish to transfer your care to another office/practice, we will be happy to assist in that process.

Dr. Anjari and Dr.Foruhari will each continue maintaining their patient records.  If you wish to have a copy of your medical records, you may continue to contact our main office number at (513) 662-2222 or (513) 662-VEIN until December 1st2019.  After that date, you can obtain your record at the Vein Clinic of America office in Cincinnati.

Please know that it has been both a privilege and pleasure to care for every single one of our patients during this time and we do hope to continue your care at Vein Clinics of America.

On behalf of Tristate Vein Centers,


Tarek Anjari, MD                      Farzin Foruhari, MD                          Tara Bland

Vein Specialist                          Vein Specialist                                   Office Manager